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SB Bertoldo: Technology and Design
for plastic materials

The flexibility of production, constant investment in technological innovation and the versatile use of plastic materials have enabled us to adapt quickly to market trends, and to attain, in over 40 years of business, a leading position on the market of products made from plastic. The machinery we use for processing plastic materials is all state-of-the-art, and this enables us to develop and design fully customized products that meet all the various needs of our clients. We start with the original idea of the client, carry out careful analysis to determine the type of processing best suited to the desired result, the type of materials for making the product, and the thickness of the material required to ensure a strong and durable product.

The long experience and professionalism of our highly specialized personnel guarantee the absolute quality of each application and a quick and efficient service. We also carry out quality checks on each piece after every process. The organisation of our company also enables us to offer single products as well as small and long runs. If you decide to place your trust in us, you can be sure that our creative and highly competent personnel will make your exclusive products to an impeccable standard and at the very best quality/price ratio.

The plastics in our catalogue are transparent, coloured, opaline, fluorescent, or with a satin or embossed finish. Our highly qualified experts can advise you on the materials required to obtain the desired effect for any given application.
Plexiglas display stands, plexiglas and methacrylate furnishings, machine guards made of polycarbonate, lighting accesories, yachting accessories, external roofs and coveriings, various articles.
We use only the very best high-tech machines for all processing of plastics, to guarantee our clients products that are made to measure, competitively priced and of outstanding quality.

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