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PE 300, PE 500, PE 1000

Polyethylene, also known as Polythene or Polizene, has good mechanical and physical characteristics that allow it to be used in the most varied sectors of the industry. The main properties of Polyethylene or Polythene or Polizene are impact resistance, wear resistance, low friction coefficient, resistance to corrosion and chemical products, it also enjoys good dimensional stability and is easily workable. Polyethylene has a low specific weight and this makes it cheaper compared to other materials.

In this way, due to its molecular density of 300,000 molecules, it is similar to PE 500, but has greater rigidity and less resistance to repeated impacts. It is however the most used one.
In this way, due to its molecular density of 500,000 molecules, compared to PE 300 it is denser, with better mechanical characteristics and wear resistance and better workability.
In this way it is called for its molecular density of about 1,000,000 molecules, so it is denser than PE 500 polyethylene, it has better mechanical characteristics, greater wear resistance, better smoothness since it has a lower friction coefficient. It has an excellent impact resistance even repeated several times. Polyethylene is produced in pressed and rectified slabs in standard commercial thicknesses or in bars, among the most commonly used colors are green, black and natural white.


of plastic materials 
Milling and engraving
By milling and engraving plastic materials like Plexiglas, methacrylate and polycarbonate, it is possible to make products of any shape and thickness.

Backlight marking
The backlight marking technique allows you to create plexiglass panels illuminated from the back or from the side, by means of LED light
The innovative plexiglass rasterization technique allows you to create images directly on the plexiglass panel, without having to screen or print the panel
Plexiglass laser cutting
Advanced technologies for the laser cutting of Plexiglas and methacrylate make it possible to create even the most complex shapes and sizes with smooth edges and precise finishes.
Turning and polishing
Our company has state-of-the-art instruments for the turning and polishing of Plexiglas in particular.
Heatforming, calendering and hot bending
Applying the innovative technologies of heatforming and calendering to our processing of the
three main types of plastic.
Gluing plexiglas and methacrylate
Gluing is a particular process for joining components made of Plexiglas or methacrylate with ones made of the same materials or others.
Methacrylate and perspex laser cutting
The technology for the laser cutting of Methacrylate and Perspex also guarantees products of excellent quality and perfect finish.
The plastics in our catalogue are transparent, coloured, opaline, fluorescent, or with a satin or embossed finish. Our highly qualified experts can advise you on the materials required to obtain the desired effect for any given application.
Plexiglas display stands, plexiglas and methacrylate furnishings, machine guards made of polycarbonate, lighting accesories, yachting accessories, external roofs and coveriings, various articles.
We use only the very best high-tech machines for all processing of plastics, to guarantee our clients products that are made to measure, competitively priced and of outstanding quality.

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